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For both homeowners and business managers, dealing with unwanted pests and weeds can be a stressful and difficult experience. Luckily, the solution is only a phone call away. At Kelly’s Pest Management, we have been dealing with pest and weed management issues for more many years, and with our expert help, your problem can be removed in no time at all.

Pest management

Here at Kelly's Pest Management, we approach all our work in a safe and efficient manner, working to full OH&S standards, paying particular attention to hazard identification and risk assessment. With this in mind, we are able to inspect and treat termite colonies, arrange for general pest treatments and deal with a wide range of unwanted visitors. They include:

  • Rodents
  • Pigeons
  • Spiders
  • Millipede
  • Earwigs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Flies
  • Bedbugs
  • Carpet beetles
  • Bees
  • European Wasps
  • Ants
  • And many more...

Weed management

We have all the skills and equipment necessary to treat your property with the ultimate weed management service. Our units are fitted with twin reel Quick spray unit. Both reels have 150 mt hoses and Turbo 400 spray guns. The unit has a radio control retraction system. It also has a 6 mt folding boom, independent rear mounted side spray jets, a large volume a/c jet fitted forward passenger side. Boom side jets are connected to an Arag controller and solenoids controlled from inside the cabin. The boom and side jets are fitted with no drift nuzzles.

We also have a Kawasaki Mule 2x4, purpose built to perform street spraying, vineyards and spot spraying as it is only 1.5mt wide, and 1.8 mts high. It passes down narrow spaces such as streets and between street verge trees and fence lines with ease. It is fitted with a 200lt tank and has covered side booms which can be electronically adjusted in and out. There are brushes around the booms that can be adjusted to sweep the ground and ensure that there is no drift. It has ARAG electronic controls to the booms and hand line, these electronic controls are fitted inside the cabin. The covered booms are also fitted with low drift nozzles.

So if your home or business location is experiencing unwanted pest or weed problems we can help. Call our experts today on 0417 804 961 and we will provide you with a free quote on our weed and pest management services. We look forward to hearing from you.